Safety, Strength, Durability

Placematix products are made of tried and tested, durable, food approved plastic and are therefore of high quality. All parts can be simply cleaned.


Worldwide protection

The innovative Placematix concept is protected through various patent-, design and trademark depots. Placematix Tableware products are unique in their use of the interlocking brick concept.


International introduction

Placematix will be introduced to the international markets in February 2013 and will start to build a strong network of resellers & stockists.


Keep up-to-date

Please check this site regularly to keep up-to-date regarding the distribution of Placematix products in the country of your choice.


Gift box

The first product in the Placematix range is the Tableware set. This consists of a placemat, bowl, spoon and fork. Compatible with the popular toy bricks for the youngest children. This sturdy set if made of tested, durable and food approved material and is therefore of high quality. Most parts can be cleaned safely and easily in a dishwasher.

CU Specifications Gift Box

4 Piece Set Box


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